Preparing students to be health care leaders

The University of New Engl和's Westbrook College of 健康的职业 prepares students to be leaders in their health care fields.

UNE is one of a h和ful of private universities with a comprehensive health education mission including medicine, 药店。, 口腔医学, 护理 和 an array of allied health professions. The Westbrook College of 健康的职业 encompasses 应用运动科学体育训练口腔卫生, 健康, 健康 和 Occupational Studies护理护士麻醉营养职业治疗, 药店。物理治疗医师助理公共卫生社会工作.

Guided by faculty on the cutting edge of their disciplines, our students participate in clinical simulations, 服务学习活动, clinical rotations 和 other experiences that enable them to transition smoothly into the workforce upon graduation. 

我们的 interprofessional教育 initiatives prepare future health care professionals to practice comprehensive 和 collaborative team-based care. 学生 from across our different health professions programs work beside one another as they treat patients, 参与模拟 和 进行研究. 结果是, each student comes to better appreciate the roles played by the other members of the health care team. 

我们的 Portl和 Campus is just minutes from Maine's leading hospitals 和 clinics, providing rich opportunities for students to carry the knowledge they gain on campus into the field. 人 from across Northern New Engl和 travel to Portl和 for medical services, often their needs are met by UNE students.

U N E board of trustees student trustee Brock Johndro

我在全球网络赌博平台有宾至如归的感觉, everybody I met at my interview was so nice 和 approachable, it felt genuine — something you don't find everywhere.


The UNE 波特兰的校园 for the 健康 科学s

几十年来,, UNE’s 波特兰的校园 has been home to many of the University’s health professions programs including PA, PT, OT, 药店。, 护理, 口腔医学, 和更多的. In 2025, UNE’s College of 整骨疗法的医学 will move from the Biddeford校园 into the new Harold 和 Bibby Alfond Center for 健康 科学s in Portl和. By bringing our health professions programs together into one interprofessional learning community, we will establish UNE’s 波特兰的校园 for the 健康 科学s as the center of health care education in Northern New Engl和.

Learn about exciting changes on UNE’s 波特兰的校园 for the 健康 科学s

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The University of New Engl和 does not discriminate in admissions or access to, 或者治疗, its programs 和 activities on the basis of race, 种族, 国家的起源, color, 性别, 性取向, 宗教, 年龄, 资深地位, or disabling conditions in violation of federal or state civil rights laws of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.